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This technology is too advanced- … wait didn‘t we meet before?
Happy clock day!

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Too spoopy!

The power of the rainbow floods through my account now that I clicked all those colors. Thanks for the upgrade and happy clock day!

Finally a purpose for all the clock lore I studied. Happy clock day!

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Thanks, i'm happy clock day 2023!

I let them all fly. Give peace a chance. Happy clock day!

Thanks for saving my screen! Happy clock day!

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Thank you.


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Aaaawww sound please.... pretty please

The game you created here (on your own, being the only team-member) for the game jam is awesome. You coped well with the colour handicap and the engine is really fun to play.

It's sad that you couldn't add the sound but I would reaaaaally love to see it with sound someday. You should consider updating it when you get to it.

Adding the ability to run was really a good idea, but when running it is hard to control everything properly. I think you would have been better if the down arrow key was the RUN button, since you use the other three arrows anyway and it's uncomfortable to stretch your hand over to the spacebar from either WASD or the arrows.

Also when I tried to move in circles while running and shooting the char didn't turn anymore. (too many buttons at the same time? :P)

Apart from that it's really fun. I think the ninjas where an awesome idea and the boss fight was pretty hard until you find out how to handle him.

All in all a great entry and if you had had the time to add sound it would have been even better.

Good job!

5/5 & 10/10

JoSilver responds:

Thanks glad you liked it.

when it comes to the spacebar for running I found the spacebar works best, I tryed the down arrow but than it becomes hard to shoot and run. and also yeah there are only so many button pressed flash will pick up sadly (adobe needs to fix it).

I really kinda wanna leave this one as is. I polished it as much as I could and sent it off.

But that does mean I wanna abandon it, I created a pretty complex engine for this game and I wanna experiment more with it.

Also thank for playing.... CONTRAST!!!

4 years and worth it

I know this collab took very long, but the result is mindblowing.

About the co-author thing, my vote goes to TurkeyOnAStick even though there were a lot of great entries and the decision was hard.

Sometimes one doesn't really know to which drawing a certain part belongs, but it's not a big problem.

Good idea with the jumping spaceman, it's a nice diversion when you browse through the gallery again to look at a certain piece some more.

Also funny plot.

5/5 & 10/10.... of course.

Great demo

Really, the game concept and the execution is good, it is fun to play and the graphics are perfectly suiting the game. But as much as I can understand that due to sponsor contracts and stuff you can't post the complete version here, I simply can't give a full score for quarter of a game. It's obviously a great game, but only 10 levels, no bonus challenges, no practice shed and no distance challenge, that's a big minus.

I also finished the 10th level with two parts left over and I don't know how I could include them. But hey, at least I made it somehow.

Also, I guess the levels we get to play here are more or less like a tutorial. Because if all the other levels also had detailed instructions how to clear the level it would be very boring. That's not the idea of a puzzle. So as I said, I assume, this is only the fact in the first few levels.

Good job nevertheless!

Balance issues

The game is not bad, but it's lacking some balance. The orc army has the cheapest units wich are supposed to be the weakest, but in fact the run over any full region (12 warbands + towers) without any effort, that's not my definition of weak. Playing with the orcs makes the game simple as hell.

I'm not sure but sometimes I thought the NPC could build more warbands than were even possible with the low income they have. Still they could have some saved money, but it felt like too much money to be real.

Human NPC's are as stupid as can be. They keep on running against a dragon cave (3 dragons) with 2 warbands. 4 Orc warbands on the other hand can defeat 3 dragons (what seems kinda strange considering the prices).

It's a solid game so far, but I recommend a lot of beta testing before releasing a new version.

At some point I only used the auto-fight because the fighting sucks badly. Making only one unit at a time selectable is frustrating and takes away any strategic possibilities. Plus you seem to loose a lote more units when fighting manually rather than auto-fighting.

The graphics, the idea and the strategy system are all good, there a just those flaws I mentioned which could be improved.

7/10 & 4/5

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