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5 for wishing happy birthday, 5 for being exactly what the title promises.

That makes 10/5 stars and happy birthday to WCCC.

What a great way to express that feeling and capture a part of Newgrounds' spirit.

Look at all the comments of people coming here because their FB reminded them of this video, including myself. After all those years it’s still very impressive to be taken on this visual trip.

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Rhunyc responds:


Aaaawww sound please.... pretty please

The game you created here (on your own, being the only team-member) for the game jam is awesome. You coped well with the colour handicap and the engine is really fun to play.

It's sad that you couldn't add the sound but I would reaaaaally love to see it with sound someday. You should consider updating it when you get to it.

Adding the ability to run was really a good idea, but when running it is hard to control everything properly. I think you would have been better if the down arrow key was the RUN button, since you use the other three arrows anyway and it's uncomfortable to stretch your hand over to the spacebar from either WASD or the arrows.

Also when I tried to move in circles while running and shooting the char didn't turn anymore. (too many buttons at the same time? :P)

Apart from that it's really fun. I think the ninjas where an awesome idea and the boss fight was pretty hard until you find out how to handle him.

All in all a great entry and if you had had the time to add sound it would have been even better.

Good job!

5/5 & 10/10

JoSilver responds:

Thanks glad you liked it.

when it comes to the spacebar for running I found the spacebar works best, I tryed the down arrow but than it becomes hard to shoot and run. and also yeah there are only so many button pressed flash will pick up sadly (adobe needs to fix it).

I really kinda wanna leave this one as is. I polished it as much as I could and sent it off.

But that does mean I wanna abandon it, I created a pretty complex engine for this game and I wanna experiment more with it.

Also thank for playing.... CONTRAST!!!

4 years and worth it

I know this collab took very long, but the result is mindblowing.

About the co-author thing, my vote goes to TurkeyOnAStick even though there were a lot of great entries and the decision was hard.

Sometimes one doesn't really know to which drawing a certain part belongs, but it's not a big problem.

Good idea with the jumping spaceman, it's a nice diversion when you browse through the gallery again to look at a certain piece some more.

Also funny plot.

5/5 & 10/10.... of course.

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Nice song, absolutely 100 percent funky. :D

Didn't know there were still "ringtones" around in times when you can use your full song mp3s for it. But hey, this one's great.

I'm with WunderWoffle, it reminds me a little of Daft Punk and that's definitely a good thing for electrofunk.

Congrats on the first place!

snayk responds:

Well setting an mp3 as a ringtone still technically makes it a ringtone. This one just happens to have vocals which make it extra appropriate for use as such :)

Thanks for the congrats + review!

Wonderful and inspiring

I have to agree with PsychoticBambi, I instantly pictured an RPG in my inner eye.

Our hero in front of the castle at night, in the "Garden of Moonlight".

But I guess it's not limited to this, just my first thought.

Harp music in general makes me think of medieval times, knights and princesses.

Congratulations, as you can see in the reviews, your song is very inspiring.

Audio Portal is such a great place!

rtnario responds:

Yeah. I thought of something similar too, except it's no hero in front of a castle, but just any protagonist strolling in an open garden by moonlight, deep in thought. Ta-da, song! This was actually directly inspired a lot by a harp piece Yasunori Mitsuda composed for the DS game Soma Bringer. He's a genius. *_*

Thanks for the review, and yes, the Audio Portal is indeed awesome. :D

Wow I am surprised ^_^

First off, I'm not into Metal usually, so I'm honestly surprised, that I was totally amazed by this one. Of course I loved The YuYu like all of Adam Phillips flashs and I loved Spider Stacey's song.

But reading "YuYu Metal", made me think "Nah come on, don't destroy a good song". But I was toooootally wrong. To me it's the best cover version I heard so far.

It really takes up the sweeping mood of the original song, what I think is the most important part.

I'm going to listen some other of your songs now and I should listen to some more Folk Metal I guess.

Great work, it would probably be a good choice as part of the soundtrack for the planned Brackenwood film.

5/5 & 10/10

rtnario responds:

Wow, I'm glad this remix of mine got appreciated by those who don't listen to much metal :D

Thanks so much for the review, and thanks even more if you do check out my other stuff up here! And about folk metal...I recommend Elvenking's "The Winter Wake" album to get you started. ^^

If this was ever to become part of this Brackenwood film you mentioned though...I'd be really REALLY honored! But honestly I don't know where this would fit in XD

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Wholesome Kirby and coffee. Thank you, just what we need.

I really like the robot design and the overall composition. The textured shading works really well. Nice mix of anime and industrial design you got going here.

Snake? Snake?! Snaaaake!

Remember: Still waters run wet.

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