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Luwano's News

Posted by Luwano - September 27th, 2016

Hello everyone, if you were around during this year's Clock Day. you might have noticed the site skin which I had drawn.



It was a huge honour to get the chance to make a site skin for NG for once. Of course, considering my long habit of posting clock day art which originated back in 2010 for the Clocktopia Art Gallery Collab over at the art forum, I am aware that clock day was the only chance I'd ever be able to post something notable next to all the great art by all those great artists that usually get to draw a site skin.

Talking about that, for those interested, here's a list of all my previous clock themed art submissions:














Well, I am not going to milk my minutes of fame more than any necessary, but I want to share some hidden "easter eggs" from the site skin, that you probably haven't noticed:

- Blueberry built a B (try to say that fast three times in a row)

- Blueberry is the only character, who is not actually a famous, currently or past active clock crew member. He is just a stand-in as clock baby or kid to me.

(Also see: The very hungry Luid from the year 2011)

- btw some users pointed out that the handle of his shovel looked like a dick, that was not intended. Sorry to disappoint you. lol



 - Strawberry Clock's surfboard hides another two Bs






1031048_147502472082_sherclock.jpg  - Sherclock finds a suspicious trace of red spots which turns out to be...


- ... ice cream spilled by Tropicana on the other end of the header  






  - Slurpee drinks a Slurpee









- Phantomcat Clock and Flounderman Clock are the only clocks with limbs (unless you count Clocktopus' tentacles as limbs)









 SirCannabis Clock and Rasta Clock suffer from pinkeye apparently... poor guys







Recognize the pattern on Renegade's board? It's from a popular 80's movie and you could say the clock or... time is important



And finally, the proof that I never do more than any necessary when drawing, the site skin without the NG layover:



That's it! Thanks to everyone for all the positive feedback during Clock Day. And special thanks to all the clocks who left a review or a comment. I'm looking forward to the next year!

Posted by Luwano - August 15th, 2016

You may have heard the news, I made some clock emotes for the website and the Clock Day site skin. I am really grateful I had the opportunity to make a skin for Newgrounds for once.

Expect another Clock Day drawing during the day.

Here's an overview of all the clock emotes:




Update: I managed to finish my Clock Day art submission (lame pun ahead):


Posted by Luwano - August 14th, 2016

Clock day is tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. It's my first clock day since I joined the forums over at clockcrew.net and I have a thing or two of art prepared. You'll probably see my name once or twice during this clock day.



Posted by Luwano - October 27th, 2014


2014 is almost over! Get your 2014 supporter badge while you can!

EDIT: Same goes for 2015 now! :P



Posted by Luwano - April 4th, 2014


Posted by Luwano - February 1st, 2014

Photography: Berlin studio now capturing souls in 3D.

Check it out:


If you can understand german or don't care about the audio but just wanna see a clip with the figurines, watch this:


Posted by Luwano - January 19th, 2014

Feels like Groundhog Day in the art forum. He's back and for a while it looked like he was ignored for the most part. But it turned out how it always turned out. If you don't know HIM (HG, DP, KS, SC or RLW), nevermind this post.


Gladly, Template88's Art Weeklies is currently taking the Hot Topic spot in the art forum, instead of another one of HIS threads. Thanks, Template88!

Posted by Luwano - November 25th, 2013

I want to apologize for delaying and ultimatively not providing some parts that would have been necessary for more actual interactivity in the flash as well as some buttons for proper controls. This goes to all artists who submitted a totem piece for the collab and especially to Chameneon, test-object and LegolaSS who I also have to thank for finishing the project.

I never made a secret about the fact that I often procrastinate things for too long, but this time private issues were the main reason for the very long wait and the outcome. Of course, if I had done my work with more discipline ealier, the collab would have been done before these personal problems even came up.

Slowly but steadily things are getting better and I need to thank those who contacted me in my absence.


Tl;dr: Sorry for whining, but I felt like it's necessary to apologize for some things and that I owe a few people some kind of explanation at least.

Here's a sad Copterphant:

Totem Collab delay and turnout

Posted by Luwano - August 12th, 2013

I'm sad that you're de-modded now, but I hope you don't abandon NG altogether.

ReNaeNae :'(

Posted by Luwano - June 5th, 2013

It's been a while since there has been an art collab in the art forum, so Chameneon revived his idea of the Totem Collab.

So far it's going well. Some great entries have been submitted so far and Chameneon is working on the the collab with Flixel. I am trying to keep track of what's happening in the thread and our friendly neighbourhood LegolaSS will cast his magic art skills on the totem pieces to link them up.

But there is something we still need. And that is YOU! Draw a pole for our totem and help make it go where no totem has gone before.

Check it out!

The Totem Collab - Reloaded